September 1968 - Wild Party at the Frasers' House
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I recently found these photos in my parents' basement.  They are in a very small individual album containing only these photos.  I am guessing this was a party at the Frasers' house.  I somehow doubt that it ended up as a drunken bash - but how would I know anyway?

In the first photo we see Peter and Dorie Burnett. In the second photo: Nancy Fraser and my father.  My mother is in the third photo.
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Peter Burnett is in the middle of the first shot.  I don't know the other folks but the back of the photo says "Carlsons." Robert and Nancy Fraser are in the second photo. Robert Fraser sits between the Diehl's in the third shot.
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Our next door neighbors, Frank and Irene Mason appear in the second shot.  The photo says the third shot is Howard and Linda Rosso and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller.
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Mrs. Racine was the art teacher at Mount Clemens High School for many, many years. The middle photo is of our other next door neighbors: Paul, Kathy, and Peggy Burnett. Paul appears with Thumper in the last photo.(Check out the "Air Jordan's")
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