MCHS 1976 Senior Class Trip
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Our class trip took us on a cruise to Nassau and Freeport. The trip cost a whopping $320. I paid for it with money I had saved from delivering the Detroit Free Press when I was in the 8th grade. (I was just destined to be an accountant.) I took about 7 rolls of slides on this trip. I took the same camera to college and shot one roll of film in 4 years at Michigan State and another roll in 18 months at the University of Texas. (My current obsession with photography was a long time in the making.)

These first two photos were taken during a break on the long bus ride to Miami. (Hey, we were way too poor to fly.)
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 The first night was spent in a Miami hotel. I recall that I took several photos by the pool but was concerned that the camera was not working properly so I opened it up exposing the film. I still make that same mistake today.
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These photos clearly demonstrate that I really did not know what I was doing as a photographer. I was using Kodachrome 32 speed slide film. (I use 800 speed film today in virtually all of my photos.) Most of my indoor photos were terribly underexposed. I had no idea what I was doing. I certainly did not know what it meant to shoot pictures "with the lens wide open."
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Here we are docked in Nassau.
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Oh my.
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When the boat docked in Freeport, several of my classmates decided to jump off of the top of the boat.
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The last day was spent at Sea World and then off to Disney World..
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Time to hop back on the buses for the long trip home. (Actually, this may be the departure from Sea World to head out to Disney World. It has been a long time.)
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Notice the old fashion gas station in the background. I guess times have changed.
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