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Charlie Lietaert and me at Universal Studios in California. True defenders of the free world. 01.jpg (52907 bytes)



Doug Hubbard (77) at my house, I think about 1978.
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Mike Darling and I 1979 Christmas. Where did all that hair come from??
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Randy Peeble, Charlie Lietaert, & Andy Parker before yet another party.
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Kay Boscaglia (79) around 1981 while living in Houston. (Along with about 1/3 of Michigan's total population at the time.)
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Gary Kolumjec waiting for me. Taken about 1978.
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Charlie and I around Christmas 1983. OK. Looks like we are starting to lose that "all hair look."
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My mom and brother Brian (85?), my sister Kerri (79) and her kids. Taken in 1997.
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Tim Fackler, Jody, and Mike Darling.
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Pam Ruiz Marques, KC Smith 75 and her husband Tim Fackler.
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Charlie and his daughter in backyard pool.
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A true superfund site in Sonoma County CA.. Me along with the EPA's finest
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Visiting Charlie Lietaert at his naval boot camp in Chicago (Great Lakes) with Will Rivard 1978.
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Andy Parker, Charlie Lietaert and me during a party in, I think, winter of 1978.
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Kevin Brewer at rest. Taken in a year that we could actually wear velour shirts and Drago boots.
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Kay again enjoying the drink of the day: Cubra Libra. Why can's we just say "rum 'n coke?" Also in Houston.
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Another picture of Kay - Looking very sweet (wonder what she was thinking) Perhaps she was wondering why I was taking her picture.)
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Oh ya. Much better. Charlie and I in 1987 after the 10-year reunion.
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Gary Kolomjec 1997 at his home in Algonec. We have now lost most of our hair.
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Dan O'Donnel, Mike Sheufelt, and Kevin Brewer.
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House I lived in on Ahrens street. Lived upstairs. Looks about same now as in the early '60's.
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Ok, OK, a better representation of an E.P.A. response action. (Oakland, CA) I went to school so that I could do this. (Hey, if Mark could tolerate the smell from the mineral water in town, what's a little toxic waste?)
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Graduation Day 1977 with Mike Darling in front of our house on Miller.
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Charlie Lietaert and Jeff McNamara winter 1978. The good old days when one beer did ya fine! (Does anybody still drink Pabst?)
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Jeff McNamara. Yup, that expression says it all.
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Another picture of Randy Peebles.
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Tim Boden (78) Looks to be around Christmas 1980 or 81.
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Charlie and his family and me in 1997 at Charlie's house. (His son Chaz took the picture.)
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Class Reunion. Kevin Farah, Charlie, Kevin's wife Marilyn, and Jody Harriman. (Woman in the lower left appears to be Lisa Wondero.)
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Joannie Robinson and her husband Pat Pointer (79), Roberta McBride (78) and her husband Mike Darling.
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Mike Darling and his kids. (His backyard in Algonac.)
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