Orlando - 1998

We went to Orlando so that Alex and Lesia could both participate in the Tae Kwon Do Junior Olympics.  They both performed well, with Lesia winning the gold medal for sparring in her division. Over the years I have learned that I do not do well at TKD tournaments. So for this vacation Beth appointed me entertainment chairman. When Alex competed on Wednesday, Lesia and I went to MGM studios. On Saturday, Alex and I went to Epcot while Lesia competed.  We all went to the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday, MGM on Thursday, and Universal Studios on both Monday and Friday. (Go to my Tae Kwon Do page to see photos of Lesia wearing her gold medal.) BTW, in case you are interested, IMHO Universal Studios was the coolest thing we did followed closely by MGM. Universal was also appealing to Doug the accountant since their tickets were cheaper and then they also gave you a free second day which made it the bargain of the trip. (And bargains were not real plentiful.)

It never ceases to amaze me how my children think that staying in a hotel room is the best part of any vacation.Here Alex demonstrates his ability to move from one bed to another.(Note: These photo opportunities always occur while Beth is in the shower.)
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After we get back from the pool it is time for one of Lesia's favorite activities.
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After the long trip, I attempted to get some rest but it just was not possible.
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Believe it or not, I neglected to bring my camera with me to Universal Studios on Monday.  I missed a great photo opportunity as Alex got SLIMED at Nickelodeon Studios.

Before breakfast on Tuesday, Alex, Lesia, and Beth posed with a couple of the Tae Kwon Do tournament officials.
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Then it was off to the races at the Magic Kingdom.
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Lesia would later take me on the tea cup ride.  I had a headache for several hours.
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Here are several poses at Magic Kingdom. In the second photo, Beth tries to sneak in a kiss but Alex is just too quick.
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Here is a photo of my princess standing in front of her castle.
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Needless to say, Lesia was in no hurry to wake up Wednesday morning.
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On Wednesday morning, Lesia and I caught the bus to MGM Studios. Beth was off with Alex to Tae Kwon Do. (I don't do braids.)
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As we entered the park, we posed with a couple of the local critters.
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On Thursday we all went to MGM Studios. (I saw several of the attractions several times.) But first, another pose at breakfast.
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Once in the park, Lesia met up with a couple of her favorite movie stars.
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Alex gave me his best "Singin' in the Rain" poses.
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Everybody want their pictures taken with the Star Wars props.
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On Friday, it was back to Universal Studios. However, you can't do anything until you get your momma out of bed.
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This photo is a trick shot.  The appearance of New York in the background is a prop.
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Then, you have to buy raincoats.
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Of course, as soon as you buy the raincoats it stops raining. So you take off the raincoats and pose with the Sliminator so that you can get wet. (Oh, to be a kid.)
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Alex later found himself in somewhat of a jam.
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On to Epcot on Saturday. What goes up?
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Must come down.
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Of course, Alex could not end the vacation without giving me another acrobatic display. (Truly one of Alex's favorite vacation pastimes.)
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