June 9, 1998

This game started out with a pep talk from Coach Lombardi. Rusty listens in.

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Richard is once again my first target followed by Alex with a huge swing that misses the target. John displays his best Mickey Mantle form.

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I think the next photo is Scott.  What is Alex doing behind the backstop.   Does he not realize that I am always watching????

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Luke takes a swing here.

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I think Alex is making the play in the photo below.  I think Kyle is telling Mike that he should have had it.

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Kyle and Alex step up to the plate.

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The next two are both Richard.

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Alex crosses third base and heads for home.  Coach John tries his hand at hitchhiking.

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Mike made two great plays at first base.  The second one is a really nice photo.

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John takes a big swing.

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After the game, I was able to catch Beth in this very rare and unusual photo opportunity.

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