Statue of Liberty
August 15, 1949 to August 15, 1999
My mother and father emigrated to the United States in 1949. Actually, the boat arrived in New York harbor on August 15, 1949. My father brought a camera so they could take the photos below. I am not kidding. The photos below were taken on Sunday morning, August 15, 1949.  (I get it honest, don't I?) (See also Boat - a slightly outdated page with some more history.)
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Since 1999 marked the 50th anniversary of my parents' arrival in the United States, my sister and I took our families to meet them at the Statue of Liberty.

Here are mom and dad on a boat once again on August 15, 1999. Notice how similar the weather was on both days, exactly 50 years apart.
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Once we arrived at Liberty Island, I took some more photos.
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One last photo with grandmom before we leave the island.
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And, as I would hear them say time and time again,
God Bless America.
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