July 5, 1999 at Universal Escape
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In the second and third photos Lesia and Andrea pose with Andrea's cousin Angie. (Lesia is wearing sunscreen on her part. She is not doing a skunk imitation.)
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Beth and Diane are talking about soccer.
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This is Andrea's cousin Justin.
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These next two photos were somewhat difficult as I was trying to get the roller coaster in the background. It was really moving.
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Here we see a little trick photography as Andrea, Alex, Lesia, and Angie get pulled by Marmaduke. (I needed a wider lens! We're just gonna have to go back so that I can get this photo right.)
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Here we see Andrea's Uncle Minh and her brother James.
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Nice shot of Minh and Justin.
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And finally we see Andrea's grandmother in a photo. To bad my flash did not fire.
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