July 6, 1999 - First Day at Sea World
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We started out at the dolphin show. I only had a 50mm lens with me but I was still able to get a few nice shots. I can't imagine the grief I would get from Beth if I were to walk around Sea World all day caring a 300mm lens. (But wait till next time.)
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This was at the Sting Ray feeding pool.
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This was our first stop at the dolphin petting and feeding pool. We were only here for a few minutes because we had to get to the Shamu show. I knew we would have to come back. (What a photo opportunity.)
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Back to the dolphin pool. A photographer's delight.
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These dolphins are either very photogenic or they thought my camera was a sardine.
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I was actually a little disappointed that I did not get better shots. I thought this was the best one.
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