Christmas Eve 1999

Looks like we started a tradition of taking a photograph of everybody on Christmas Eve. We have been careful to place everybody in the same position every year. Here are the 99, 98, and 97 photos.
12-24-99a-07b.jpg (71834 bytes)
12-19-98-02b.jpg (88864 bytes) 12b.jpg (128733 bytes)

The 1997 photo is an interesting demarcation point for me. I had just purchased my first Nikon lens, a 50mm f1.8, from a guy in a Denny's parking lot. In fact, I purchased that lens in anticipation of the Christmas Eve photo. Since that time I have become a photo nut. Interesting thing about that particular lens, it is one of my 2 or 3 favorite lenses.

Here are the rest of my Christmas Eve 1999 photos. Lesia was in Grandmom's room playing with her computer. Cousin Charlie was jumping on Grandmom's bed. (Sorry for tattling on you Charlie.)
12-24-99a-15.jpg (45456 bytes) 12-24-99a-16.jpg (37845 bytes)

Beth is so happy that she does not have to cook dinner.
12-24-99a-19.jpg (51590 bytes)

12-24-99a-20.jpg (73268 bytes) 12-24-99a-21.jpg (73615 bytes) 12-24-99a-23.jpg (72527 bytes)

12-24-99a-28.jpg (53194 bytes) 12-24-99a-37.jpg (50781 bytes)

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