Anna Marguerite McCaffrey's Christening - Roll 1
March 5, 2000
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Jim McCaffrey is a friend of mine going way back to our days working together in the sweat shop known as the litigation services group of Price Waterhouse. (I left in 1992. I think Jim was gone before I was. Hey, they never got in trouble with the SEC when we where there.) Anyway, today's star attraction was his daughter Anna seen in the first photo with Jim's brother Tom.
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Here we see my wife Beth and daughter Lesia and son Alex. 
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The photos really show how festive it all was. Jim's wife Cathlynn joins the group for the photos.
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This looks like a scene taken straight from the Lion King.
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Can't say that I know who these folks are, but they sure made for an attractive photo. At festivities like today's I always regret that I did not take more photos. Who cares if I don't know who everybody is? What a great day.!!!
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Young son Jimmy is on the far left.
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Being the pest that I am, I made everybody stay after the service to get a group photo.
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Afterwards, it was off to brunch at Gleneagles Country Club. Alex and Lesia want to know why I never buy them breakfast that is this good.
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