June 17, 2000
First photos with the new Nikon F5.
(Click on the individual photos to see the full-size versions)
So I finally took the plunge and bought a new Nikon F5. My first autofocus lens is the Nikon 24-120mm zoom. In the first photos I have the zoom fully extended to approximately 120mm. Wow. These photos are pretty nice. The exposure is perfect and the sharpness of the zoom lens is not bad. (This lens is a mid-range priced lens. Boy howdy, the quality is not bad.)
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Lesia and I were out playing catch when a storm blew in. Overcast skies always make for the best photos so I could not resist grabbing the new toy.
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In the these photos I am using the camera wide-angle capabilities at 24mm.
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Here is Beth behind her computer doing soccer business. She was actually on the phone with Samba Queen Soccer Mom Lisa.
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