D'Feeters 89 v D'Feeters 90 - Scrimmage (July 30, 2000)
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First we have the 89's.
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07-30-00c-05.jpg (90542 bytes) 07-30-00c-06.jpg (88671 bytes)

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And now the 90's.
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Now what's up with this? I am right in front taking a photo and every one of them turns their heads. (Not to worry, these girls will have lots of people taking their pictures. They'll get used to it.)
07-30-00c-12.jpg (78560 bytes)

07-30-00c-13.jpg (98115 bytes) 07-30-00c-14.jpg (96186 bytes) 07-30-00c-15.jpg (87400 bytes) 07-30-00c-16.jpg (82548 bytes) 07-30-00c-17.jpg (65910 bytes)

See. They already get it. Actually a pretty nice photo as all four girls are looking up and smiling.
07-30-00c-18.jpg (70615 bytes)

07-30-00c-19.jpg (74382 bytes)

Perhaps the police have arrived. "Alright, hands in the air. You're under arrest."
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07-30-00c-21.jpg (100537 bytes)

Ladies, start your engines.
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