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First, for the camera buffs out there that will be looking at these scans: I use the original version of the Hewlett Packard Photosmart Scanner. The first shot was scanned off the print. (Notice the processor took off the player's head, hence the need to go to the negative.) The second shot was scanned off the negative using the software that came with the scanner. The third shot was scanned off the negative using the Vuescan software. Not much of a difference between the two negative scans of this photo. However, on somewhat underexposed negatives the Vuescan software appears to do a much better job. I also think the scan of the print was the most realistic color rendition. (So Sam's does a better job printing the photo than I do of scanning negatives.)
09-30-00-a01.jpg (36531 bytes) 09-30-00-a01n.jpg (42035 bytes) 09-24-00-a01nv.jpg (35988 bytes)

This may have been the first goal. (Hey, I was tired. I missed the goals in this game.)
09-30-00-a04.jpg (59164 bytes)

09-30-00-a07.jpg (45560 bytes) 09-30-00-a08.jpg (58049 bytes)

Here is another example. Wonder what I need to do to the negative scan to replicate the scan off the print?
09-30-00-a13.jpg (38784 bytes)
09-24-00-a13nv.jpg (30764 bytes)

09-30-00-a15.jpg (77909 bytes) 09-30-00-a18.jpg (50838 bytes) 09-30-00-a19.jpg (50167 bytes)

09-30-00-a21.jpg (60620 bytes) 09-30-00-a22.jpg (59179 bytes) 09-30-00-a23.jpg (57273 bytes)

09-30-00-a24.jpg (53438 bytes) 09-30-00-a26.jpg (58354 bytes) 09-30-00-a27.jpg (58197 bytes)

09-30-00-a31.jpg (44220 bytes) 

Ok, final example. (Sure wish they wouldn't chop off the heads.)
09-30-00-a32.jpg (50248 bytes) 09-24-00-a32nv.jpg (38844 bytes)

09-30-00-a36.jpg (56567 bytes)
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