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The house is very close to our existing house, perhaps 1.5 to 2.0 miles. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I think 3,725 sq. ft. Almost all of the windows have wooden blinds.
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It has a three car garage, although the single door looks a little tough to get into. The lot is much smaller than our current house.
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This is the formal living room to the immediate right as you enter the house. We will use this as a music room. The piano and other instruments will stay here. I would also think this would make a nice office but Beth says NO!!!!!
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The stairs are on the immediate left as you walk in the door. This is the view from the landing on the stairwell.
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This is the view from the upstairs hallway or game room. In the second shot I simply turned around, i.e. this is the upstairs game room.
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Through the doorway are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The other bedroom is on the other side.
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This is the third upstairs bedroom. It has it's own bathroom. (As a result of the private bathroom Lesia wants to have it.)
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These are the first two upstairs bedrooms that share a bathroom.
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This is the view from the back of the upstairs gameroom.
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This is the view from the entrance of the master bedroom looking across the game room and into the kitchen.
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I am standing in the same spot, I just turned to the right. Here is the kitchen and game room.
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This is the view of the game room from the kitchen. The pool is on the right.
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The window on the left is the living room. (music room.) The second window is the foyer. The windows on the right are the kitchen.
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It looks like the pool has a hot tub.
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This is the extent of the backyard grass.
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This photo looks across the master bedroom into the master bathroom.
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Notice the potty on the left. Alex says I will not fit in it. The shower is huge. The closet is as big as a small bedroom. The current occupants have a computer in the closet.
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I just get better looking everyday.
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This is a view of the formal dining room from the kitchen. There is another bedroom downstairs to the right of the dining room.
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This is the second downstairs bedroom. Beth says this will be my computer room.
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Alex is on the second floor overlooking the foyer.
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This is in the bedroom that Lesia wants.
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Lesia uses my new digital camera to take a photo of herself. All of these photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 (Doug's Christmas present.) Perhaps not the quality of the shots I get with my F5 but the trade off of quality for instant digital images is very appealing.
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