April 14, 2001
B-17 and B-24 Bombers at Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, Texas

As Lesia and I drove back from her soccer tournament on Saturday we noticed some big old WWII bombers flying overhead. Did not take much to figure out that they would be at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

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Lesia wanted to get a picture of me posing next to the B-24's nose art. She said she thought I liked it because it looked like Brittany Spears.
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Since the B-17 was in the air we then went to a parking lot on Keller Springs to watch it land.
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On Sunday we all went back to the Cavanaugh Flight museum to see the B-24 and B-17 up close and then to watch them take off.
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Before taking off for Oklahoma a little cosmetics were added to the nose art. Guess they thought folks from Oklahoma just could not handle it.
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Back to the parking lot on Keller Springs to watch the two old birds take off.
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The B-17 was first.
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Then the B-24
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