Flat Sheila's Big Adventure in Dallas, Texas
December 1 and 2, 2001
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Dear Stephanie,

The first thing Flat Sheila did in Dallas was go to my indoor soccer game at Inwood Soccer Center. Here Flat Sheila poses with me outside of the stadium.
11-25-01-09.jpg (55195 bytes)

Later I had Flat Sheila pose with my new Build-a-Bear named Angel. I dressed her up as a soccer player.
11-25-01-10.jpg (47688 bytes)

The next day, my dad and I took Sheila to downtown Dallas to see the John F. Kennedy Museum. After all, Flat Sheila is a tourist. Here I am standing with Flat Sheila on the exact point where Abraham Zupruder was standing when he filmed the president's assassination on November 22, 1963. The Texas School Book Depository is in the background.
11-25-01-13.jpg (75144 bytes) 

Here is the view from across the street. My dad said photography was difficult at the time of day we were there because of the position of the sun.
11-25-01-15.jpg (81773 bytes)
11-25-01-16.jpg (39680 bytes)

I then took Flat Sheila to volleyball practice. Here we are posing with my friends Andrea and Logan.
11-25-01-18.jpg (60016 bytes)

Finally, I was on the computer that night chatting with your brother Patrick.
11-25-01-20.jpg (50541 bytes)

Well, that's all of the photos that we took with Flat Sheila. I think she had a good time on her visit to Dallas. We all can't wait to see you at Christmas.


Lesia Fejer

PS: You can see more of my dad's photos at www.douglasfejer.com