2003 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, Texas
Monday, August 18, 2002 Page 2
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The Dan Price Award was presented to Gary Nicholson. (You would think the second guy would have dressed up.)
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Ken Fuller was presented with the Legends award. (I thought Reverend Mike was going to pass the collection plate around.)
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If you were not moved by Kevin's words, you simply can't be moved.
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By this point I was having a little trouble holding the camera.
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(This may be one of the best photos I have ever taken. Is this what they mean when they say a picture is worth a thousand words?)

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08-20-03-126.JPG (123441 bytes) 

(You would think a photographer with half a brain would have gotten a better photo of Ike and Ken.)
08-20-03-127.JPG (112879 bytes)

Boy howdy, what a great day to have a camera with you.

(Please note that these photos have been highly, highly compressed and reduced to fit on this web page. Anyone wanting to make prints should send me an email and I will send back uncompressed versions of the files.)

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