Holiday Greetings From Rick Robertson December 20, 2003        
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Happy holiday to all. This was great fun. I always love being in a situation in which I am actually asked to take somebody's photo. (I am usually told to go away.)
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Ahhh, shucks.
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Dec-20-2003-050.JPG (81055 bytes) Dec-20-2003-051.JPG (143211 bytes) Dec-20-2003-052.JPG (119673 bytes)

Dec-20-2003-053.JPG (139932 bytes) Dec-20-2003-054.JPG (133386 bytes) Dec-20-2003-057.JPG (85329 bytes)

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Dec-20-2003-071.JPG (129737 bytes) Dec-20-2003-072.JPG (108158 bytes) Dec-20-2003-073.JPG (114488 bytes)

Dec-20-2003-074.JPG (92214 bytes) Dec-20-2003-075.JPG (92542 bytes) Dec-20-2003-076.JPG (132910 bytes)

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The one on the right spent way too much money this year on a Christmas present for the one on the left. Oh well. On the other hand, it has been 18 years. (We got married when we were 12.)

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