Mike DeBruin's 50th Birthday February 20, 2004     
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Did not take too many shots as I was having problems with my camera/flash. This is a great excuse to buy the new model that I have been pining over.2004-02-20-007.JPG (123697 bytes) 2004-02-20-008.JPG (119988 bytes)

2004-02-20-011.JPG (122331 bytes) 2004-02-20-012.JPG (135130 bytes) 2004-02-20-013.JPG (120404 bytes)

2004-02-20-014.JPG (118763 bytes) 2004-02-20-016.JPG (96375 bytes) 2004-02-20-018.JPG (127208 bytes)

2004-02-20-019.JPG (104729 bytes) 2004-02-20-020.JPG (108853 bytes) 2004-02-20-021.JPG (123371 bytes)

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