Black Belt Test - Saturday, May 01, 2004    
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It has been a while since I have been to one of these. (Actually, it was four cameras ago.) This is my first time with a digital camera.
2004-05-01-103.jpg (74494 bytes) 2004-05-01-104.jpg (71239 bytes) 2004-05-01-105.jpg (71017 bytes)

2004-05-01-107.jpg (71016 bytes) 2004-05-01-108.jpg (174949 bytes) 2004-05-01-109.jpg (68320 bytes)

2004-05-01-111.jpg (79552 bytes) 2004-05-01-113.jpg (80296 bytes) 2004-05-01-114.jpg (73134 bytes)

2004-05-01-116.jpg (75816 bytes) 2004-05-01-134.jpg (81558 bytes) 2004-05-01-137.jpg (81562 bytes)

2004-05-01-144.jpg (73934 bytes) 2004-05-01-147.jpg (85181 bytes) 2004-05-01-148.jpg (77731 bytes)

2004-05-01-150.jpg (77407 bytes) 2004-05-01-151.jpg (74917 bytes) 2004-05-01-153.jpg (74566 bytes)

2004-05-01-166.jpg (74830 bytes) 2004-05-01-170.jpg (71826 bytes) 2004-05-01-171.jpg (66431 bytes)

2004-05-01-173.jpg (72380 bytes) 2004-05-01-175.jpg (75965 bytes) 2004-05-01-176.jpg (74918 bytes)

2004-05-01-179.jpg (72626 bytes)

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