Wow. Talk about "Big Hair." These photos were taken in 1988. Location is the border between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
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Wonder if he is telling his buddies "I am going to leave the army and teach American girls to play soccer."

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So, the young man grows up playing soccer in Odessa, Ukraine. Continues playing soccer while in the Soviet army for two years. Then, plays soccer in Ukraine for a top flight club from 89-94. Then, in 1994 he is brought to Dallas, Texas (the world wide home of Big Hair) to play soccer for the Dallas Sidekicks. (Although he never ultimately plays for the team.) So, I am guessing soccer gave this guy a better life. On another occasion you can ask me to tell you about of the number of family members he lost during WWII to both the war and Nazi war crimes. It's quite a story. Remember the old saying of walking a mile in a man's shoes?

And, a more recent photo taken in 2005.

Anatoliy poses with his wife and daughter. (Yes, I know they look like sisters.) Svetta will be a senior at Lake Highlands High School in the fall and is a member of the soccer team, as well as a member of an 88 FC Texas team.