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Las Vegas Confidential

Times of London
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Alta Vista

Camera Stuff
Digital Photography Review

Nikon Rumors

Digital Photography Review Nikon D2h Forum

Nikon PRO FX

Nikon Lenses

Nikon Pro DX Cameras

Nikon DX Cameras

Digital Photography Review Nikon D300

Digital Photography Review - Lighting Technique

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Digital Photography Review Cannon Forum

Thom Hogan Nikon Site

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B&H Camera
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Bjorn Rorslett
Thomas Distributing (Rechargeable batteries)

KEH Used Cameras
Wolf Camera
Nikon USA
Nikon World
Moose Peterson
R & L Nikor Tables
Nikon Historical Society
Nikon SLR Guide
The Nikon Links Page
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David Reuter Photography
Bjorn Rorslett
Sigma Lenses

Nikon D100 Curves, etc.
JT. Graphics
Kevin King Article
Black Diamond Productions

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Fry's Electronics
Micro Center
Western Digital


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Pinnacle Systems

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard - Photosmart
ThumbsPlus (Great software for viewing photos.)

Divorce Stuff
Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists

Dallas Law Firms
Munsch Hardt Kopf Harr & Dinan, P.C.

What's On TV Tonight
Discovery Channel
History Channel


American Movie Classics



Michigan State University
Eli Broad School of Business

University of Texas
Graduate Business Network (GBN)

Diabetes Information (Yuk)    
American Diabetes Association   
Diabetes Prevention Trial   
Diabetes Monitor
The Diabetes Homepage  
Children with Diabetes

Honda Dealers-Get yourself an Element
Lute Riley
John Eagle
Rusty Wallis
David McDavid-Irving

Google - Mercedes

Coogle - Honda


Collin County Case Look-Up

Dallas County Case Look-Up


Check Your Internet Speed

Time Warner Speed Test

PC Magazine

Great Soccer Gossip!!
Turfmonster - Girls

Turfmonster - Boys

Turfmonster - High School Girls

Turfmonster - High School Boys

Turfmonster - Photo

Turfmonster - Dallas Cup

Watch the goals

Dallas Morning News Soccer Gossip

Old Airplane Stuff
U.S. Air Force Museum (Dayton, Ohio)
Confederate Air Force
Cavanaugh Flight Museum (Addison)
Listing of Aviation Museums in the US
Pima Air and Space Museum

Museums (Non-airplane)
6th Floor - JFK Museum - Dallas, TX

Holocaust Memorial Museum (Wash. D.C.)

Greenhill School

Accounting Stuff (Boring)
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants
Dallas Chapter - TSCPA
Public Accounting Firms
Internal Revenue Service (Every form you would ever need)
SEC-EDGAR Archives

Appraisal Stuff (Boring)

American Society of Appraisers

Dallas Chapter ASA

Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Hank Miller's Web Site
Way too kewel stuff about Mt. Clemens

Mt. Clemens Historical Commission
MCHS Alumni Association
Mt. Clemens High School (Alumni Information) This is a new data base.  The proprietors are attempting to establish a data base of every school in the US.  I was the first person to register from Mt. Clemens High.
Mt. Clemens Public Library

Mt. Clemens History Links

Mt. Clemens High School Tennis Team

Home Pages (People I know from Mt. Clemens)
Charles Newton
Charles graduated with me in 1976.

George Kalligeros
Mr. Kalligeros was my chemistry teacher in high school. A nice fella, even though the C+ he gave me one semester was the lowest grade I got in high school. Needless to say, I was to shy away from future science courses. Mr. Kalligeros is very active on the internet. (In a good way.)

Chris Caffrey
Chris was a friend of mine in the fifth and sixth grades.  He moved away in the seventh grade. (1970-71) Had not seen him since.  I recently ran accross him over the internet. (What a country!) Chris recently sent me this old photo.
Fejer.jpg (75726 bytes) This photo was taken at Chris' birthday party in, I am guessing, the sixth grade. (So approx. 1970)  He got a new camera and I was a likely target. What's really funny is that after all these years I actually  remember posing for the picture.

Internet Deals
Slick Deals

Ben's Bargains

Tech Bargains

Soccer Teams
UTD - Women's Soccer

University of Dallas - Women's Soccer

FC Dallas Youth

Dallas Texans

Tim Kelley's FC Dallas 91 Photos

Infinity Girls Soccer Club

Mid-Cities Tejanos
Texas Spirit

Lake Highlands Classic League

CocaCola Boys Classic League


North Texas Soccer
Plano Youth Soccer Assn.

Airline Reservations
Southwest Airlines
American Airlines

Fine Clothing
Brooks Brothers
Paul Fredrick

On-Line Banking
Washington Mutual

Brokerage Accounts
Charles Schwab

Ford Motor Credit

American Honda


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