Mt. Clemens Memorial Day Parade 1958 
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These are not necessarily great photos, but they do offer scenes of Gratiot prior to the construction of the new courthouse on the east side of the street. I can make out a Lee's Printing in one building. There also appears to be a butcher shop with a large vertical sign above the building.("Hench's Famous Home Made Sausages Hams & Bacon" ????) I can also make out Pride Cleaners. (Real Mt. Clemens fans should send me an email to and I will send back an uncompressed version of these photos.)
1958-May-01.jpg (55382 bytes)

Could that be the MCHS band approaching? And check out "Miss Armed Forces."

1958-May-02.jpg (56793 bytes)

If I could one day find the negative for this print I may be able to read the sign on the car to identify this VIP. I don't think it is Ike.
1958-May-03.jpg (41117 bytes)

I wonder what the "Green Tree" is. Air conditioning? I wonder if it is a bar.
1958-May-04.jpg (45890 bytes)

Interesting that somebody is actually filming the parade. My brother and sister are no doubt in the crowd.
1958-May-05.jpg (75814 bytes)

1958-May-06.jpg (59061 bytes)

Definitely a parade during the Cold War.
1958-May-07.jpg (48007 bytes) 1958-May-08.jpg (57486 bytes)

The banner held by a band member says "Utica."
1958-May-09.jpg (65518 bytes)

1958-May-10.jpg (62775 bytes) 1958-May-11.jpg (61833 bytes)

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