Demolition of the Murphy Hotel - 1978       
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These photos were taken by my father in 1978. (Many thanks to Hank Miller for correcting the scans taken from the original slides)
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Here is an example of what can be done with a Adobe Photoshop. (Again, thanks to Hank Miller.)
Hank-01.jpg (128333 bytes)

The comments below are from Hank Miller. I never knew that the ugly building sitting there on Gratiot was the shell of the famous Medea Hotel. Gosh, the siding is so ugly. It appears to be falling off. Yet, the Medea was not torn down until approximately 1991.
NWfromCass-Walnut-2.jpg (222848 bytes)

Here is a postcard featuring the Medea from the 1940's. (What were they thinking with the siding? Yuk)
Medea 194-.jpg (37085 bytes)

Here are postcards of the Murphy Hotel that were also sent to me by Hank Miller.
John R. Murphy .jpg (29269 bytes) Murphy Htl-Clementine Bath.jpg (78589 bytes)

And, before it became the Murphy, it was the Eastman. (Once again, thank you Hank.)

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