1989 D'Feeters
2000 Puma Cup Champs
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Player Position Birthday Hometown School
1 Haley Corbell Keeper 05/03/89 The Colony Lakeview
2 Lauren Jones Forward 07/02/89 Dallas St. Patrick
4 Lauren Ashley For//Mid 04/27/89 Plano St. Marks
5 Kristina Kyles Midfield 01/16/89 Plano Frankford MS
6 Hannah Clayton Defender 08/15/88 Mesquite Vanston MS
7 Kristen Berquist Defender 04/17/89 Highland Village Brairhill MS
8 Michelle Nguyen Midfield 08/07/88 Richardson Bowman
9 Blair Green Midfield 08/26/88 Dallas Westwood Jr.
10 Lauren Kidd Defender 01/10/89 Mesquite B.J. Smith
11 Hayley Fields Defender 06/17/89 Plano Wells
13 Jillian Rosen Forward 09/06/88 Dallas Northwood Hills
14 Adrienne Creasey Midfield 08/21/88 Dallas James Bowie
16 Sarah Brusco Def./Mid 01/05/89 Flower Mound Lamar MS
18 Melia Miller Midfield 10/02/88 Dallas James Bowie
22 Erica Campanelli Defender 03/08/89 Plano Schimelpfenig

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