Black Belt Test - April 25, 1998

Unfortunately, my fears regarding the old flash unit came true.  Alex and I still managed a few good ones, though. The first photos are ones that I took using my Nikon F3 with Fugi 400 speed film.

We start out the action with Jared.  Alex got some nice shots of him below.

bb104.jpg (15308 bytes)

Next, it's Dean's turn.

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Lauren fires up.

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Given all the difficulty I had with my flash unit, it is a statistical aberation that I got all four of Kyle's breaks. Notice Kyle's momma taking pictures in the background. I wonder how her's turned out.

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bb118.jpg (16692 bytes)

The boards are flying in the next photo.

bb121.jpg (17240 bytes) bb122.jpg (16885 bytes)

The photo below was one of my shots but just with a different role of film.   Notice how all of my previous shots had a green tint. I took several shots of Mark, but this is the only one in which the flash worked.

bb2110.jpg (17852 bytes)

Alex took these next shots using a Nikormat ftn and Fugi 200 speed film.  Notice how Alex's shots also have a blue tint. Alex got some very nice shots with his 25 year-old camera.

bbalex105.jpg (16595 bytes)

bbalex113.jpg (18112 bytes)

bbalex117.jpg (16986 bytes) 

Alex and I did a tag-team with Dean's jump side kick.  I told Alex to get him in the air and that I would get the break. (Boy, it is very frustrating when your 9 year-old takes better pictures using very old equipment.)

bbalex118.jpg (16844 bytes) bb111b.jpg (16081 bytes)

bbalex120.jpg (17156 bytes)

bbalex121.jpg (17959 bytes)

bbalex123.jpg (17344 bytes)

bbalex124.jpg (15849 bytes)

I would not mess with this guy. (Alex and I both got the third shot at the same time.)

bbalex126.jpg (18923 bytes) bbalex127.jpg (16394 bytes) bbalex128.jpg (18581 bytes)

bbalex129.jpg (17862 bytes)

I took these photos but with the second role of film.  The green tint has dissappeared.

bb2112.jpg (19780 bytes) bb2113.jpg (20833 bytes) bb2114.jpg (18969 bytes)

bb2115.jpg (21961 bytes) bb2116.jpg (19764 bytes) bb2117.jpg (19478 bytes)

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