October 24, 1998 - Black Belt Test
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Lesia broke using four different techniques: Right sliding side kick (first photo) Left back kick,  running jump side kick (second photo) and right back kick (third).
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In the first photo Beth demonstrates a right sliding side kick.  The second photo is a right back kick. She broke two boards on each of the kicks. (I did not get the left sliding side kick.)
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Beth's final kick was to break 3 boards with a running jump side kick.  I used my camera's motor drive to get the continous photos.
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I did not get to take many photos of the other participants.  They moved it along at quite a brisk pace and I wanted to be certain I had film in my camera for Lesia and Beth's kicks.  Here are a few of the other participants.

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The rest of the photos were taken by Alex.  Notice how his timing on this first photo was just a little better than mine.
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