December 12, 1998

Alex's photos

Alex did a good job focusing the lens.  His framing could use a little improvement on some of the shots.
Alex 03.jpg (39025 bytes) Alex 06.jpg (41502 bytes) Alex 10.jpg (41571 bytes)

Alex 11.jpg (38102 bytes) Alex 15.jpg (39389 bytes) Alex 20.jpg (36192 bytes)

Alex hit this one perfectly.  Notice how both people are centered in the photo and he also used the zoom correctly to fill the frame.
Alex 21.jpg (36563 bytes)

Another great shot.
Alex 22.jpg (41659 bytes) Alex 23.jpg (34389 bytes) Alex 24.jpg (38329 bytes)

Lesia and Becca's Photos (12-23-98 Update)
Keep in mind that this was Lesia and Becca's first attempt at taking photos. The girls first lesson will be to try to "frame" the photo better to get Mr. Hines in the shot as well as everybody's feet.
Lesia 09.jpg (37199 bytes) Lesia 10.jpg (35460 bytes) Lesia 22.jpg (35647 bytes)

Lesia 25.jpg (41362 bytes) Lesia 27.jpg (41042 bytes) Lesia 28.jpg (34358 bytes)

Lesia 31.jpg (38139 bytes)

Update (12-20-98) These next two photos are the last two that Lesia and/or Becca took.   They were right at the beginning of a new roll of flim.  I got these back before the others because these were shot with print film.
Lesia B 04.jpg (42410 bytes) Lesia B 05.jpg (41063 bytes)

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