June 27, 1998

Not a large belt test today, but a significant one for me as Lesia and Beth were both testing to advance to first red.  My son Alex was at a baseball game with his team, the Hornets, so I had to take all the photos myself.

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Ok, let's move on to the breaking photos. We see Becca in the second photo.  I like that photo because you see her parents in the background with a camera and a video camera.  I need to see if her momma will allow me to put her picture of Becca's break on this web page since she had a better view.

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I will be very curious to see the photos taken by Forrest's father, Cliff.  My shot of Forrest below is not too shabby. Cliff was sitting right next to me and was using a 105 mm lens which I think would not allow you to take a decent picture from such a close distance (but what do I know.)  I offered to allow him to use a 50 mm lens that I had in my bag. (Recall from previous pages that I thought a 55mm lens that Alex was using was too narrow, let alone a 105mm.)  I was using a Nikkor 35-135mm zoom which gives me great flexibility. (Forrest's dad works for Kodak Good thing he sells film and does not have to take photos to earn a living.)

Update: July 20, 1998
Check out my new toy. It is a Hewlett Packard Photosmart Scanner.  No more scanning photo prints on a flatbed scanner.  Double-click on the thumbnail of Forrest breaking below and the image that pops up was taken directly off of the negative instead of the print. TOO COOL.
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Now for my personal favorite. Both Lesia and Beth had to break using three different kicks. Check out Lesia's back kick form in the third photo.

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Lesia's momma did not look too bad either. She's tough. (Beth really likes this Tae Kwon Do stuff.  She is in great shape and I have a tendency to not complain about things as much as before.)

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