Belt Test - August 29, 1998

So here are the photos. First the green belts.  And by the way, let the contest begin.  I took the photos that have dates in the lower right hand corner. Alex took the ones without dates.  Send me an email with your vote for the best shots.
Doug04.jpg (39822 bytes) Alex03a.jpg (68316 bytes) Alex04a.jpg (43090 bytes)

Blue belts
Alex06a.jpg (42081 bytes) Doug05.jpg (45401 bytes) Doug06.jpg (44609 bytes)

Doug10.jpg (80570 bytes)

Brown Belts. Here is Alex's cousin Will.  We both got the same shot. (I think I framed it better.) The simplest tip to improve your photos is to MOVE YOUR FEET AND GET CLOSER. (Alex and I are both using equivalent lenses.  I just zoomed in more.)
Alex10a.jpg (46636 bytes) Doug13.jpg (43594 bytes)

Alex and I tag teamed this one.  He was to get him in the air and I was to get the break.  Alex was a little too early and I was way too late.
Alex11a.jpg (48599 bytes) Doug16.jpg (44011 bytes)

Red Belts
Doug23.jpg (46286 bytes)

I can't tell if Alex and I got the same shot here. His timing may have been just a little better.(He also did a nice job framing the photo, as I cut off Mr. Hine's leg.)
Alex13a.jpg (49224 bytes) Doug25.jpg (43688 bytes)

At this point, I ran out of film.  I thought I was using a 36 exposure roll, but it turned out to only have 24.  So Alex took it home alone.Alex14a.jpg (47129 bytes) Alex15a.jpg (49192 bytes)

Check out Alex's shots of his friend Jimmy.  Great frame in the first shot.   The hammer fist is impossible to time properly.  Great shot Alex.
Alex17a.jpg (47891 bytes) Alex18a.jpg (44477 bytes) Alex20a.jpg (45560 bytes)

Alex's last shot is a beauty.  Notice how well he framed it. (That's my boy!)
Alex21a.jpg (46174 bytes)

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