Beth's first kick was to once again break two boards with a right sliding sidekick.   (She just pretends the board is me.) You need to break using two different techniques in this test.  Her second kick was an axe kick (Click on the images to see full size versions.)

Bethside.jpg (78991 bytes) Bethaxe.jpg (68241 bytes)

On hand for the test was Alex and his dad.  (I just get better lookin' everyday.)

DougAlex.jpg (23920 bytes)

Lesia's turn.  She broke using both right and left sliding side kicks.  I only got a good photo of the first break.  I snapped the shutter too early on the second one.

Break.jpg (27474 bytes)

After Lesia's test it was a good time to pose with her instructers, Master Ahn, Grand Master Ahn, and Mr. Hines.

Ahn.jpg (27046 bytes)

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