Thanks to Dave Turner, Hilary's dad, for providing the web space for these photos.
New Year's Eve 1999 - Roll 1
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Dave and Christine Turner are my first photo victims of the evening. Dave sneaks in a new year's kiss. Christine says "ya baby!"
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Here we see our host Suzanne having her first drink of the evening. 
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Here we see "Susan" Seidel (not to be confused with our host "Suzanne" Seidel) along with Peyton and Reed.
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Here we begin my constant assault with my electronic flash. Jack and Suzanne are quite photogenic.
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The gal in the green just looks way too young to be Suzanne's mother.
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This is Suzanne's brother Robert and his wife Mayra. They will soon be moving to San Antonio.
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Here are the bouncers that were hired for the party. (The folks from Seattle were very worried about security.)
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This is Suzanne's sister Ann Marie, her husband Steve (too bad Stanford lost to Wisconsin.) and their family.
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Once they have had a few drinks, Beth and Christine are all smiles.
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