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I received the following email on July 24, 2001

Hi Doug:
My name is Scott Westbrook.  I was in Beth's class at East Meck and attended the reunion last year.  Don't want to bother you too much or get to drawn out with this but I met a girl at the reunion and we are planning to get married later this year.  We looked at your website and enjoyed the pictures you had taken at the reunion.  Janet was wondering if you had any more pictures that are not on the site that may have been taken of us.  The only way I can help you recognize me is I am in a picture on page 4, the 17th picture down from the top on the left column.  I am talking to Sherry Bateman in that picture.  Sherry has a green shirt on.  To the left of Sherry you can see Janet's face.  We thought that when we looked over the pictures last year that there were maybe one or two more made of us that evening.  The picture I mentioned above was taken outside on the patio at one of the tables. 
If you do have more copies that show Janet and I more clearly, would it be possible to buy a copy from you?  I could be that we just think we saw other pictures and are not remembering correctly.   Anyway, thanks for your time.  Look forward to hearing from you.
Scott Westbrook

So, I went back to see if there were any photos that I missed. I scanned all of the photos and thought that I had put all of them on the website. Anyway, I missed a couple and so now they have been added.

Beth seems to have gotten into quite a few of my photos. These first shots were taken Friday night.
08-26-00a-06.jpg (41517 bytes)
08-26-00a-07.jpg (47702 bytes) 08-26-00a-08.jpg (46029 bytes)

08-26-00a-09.jpg (45587 bytes) 08-26-00a-10.jpg (47585 bytes) 08-26-00a-11.jpg (52022 bytes)

08-26-00a-12.jpg (54794 bytes) 08-26-00a-13.jpg (46181 bytes) 08-26-00a-14.jpg (38855 bytes)

08-26-00a-15.jpg (52543 bytes) 08-26-00a-16.jpg (39347 bytes) 

Here Beth tries to remember which of the two beers was mine.
08-26-00a-17.jpg (51364 bytes)

08-26-00a-18.jpg (56759 bytes)  

I discovered this photo on July 26, 2001
08-26-00a-19.jpg (44449 bytes)

08-26-00a-20.jpg (47756 bytes) 

Here is another one that I missed. (7/26/01)
08-26-00a-21.jpg (50405 bytes)

Here is my first photo of the party on Saturday. I just stayed by the front door and took photos as people walked in.
08-26-00a-22.jpg (40663 bytes) 08-26-00a-23.jpg (31336 bytes) 08-26-00a-24.jpg (68926 bytes)

08-26-00a-25.jpg (42801 bytes) 08-26-00a-26.jpg (43054 bytes) 08-26-00a-27.jpg (45136 bytes)

08-26-00a-28.jpg (52920 bytes) 08-26-00a-29.jpg (51225 bytes) 08-26-00a-30.jpg (59977 bytes)

08-26-00a-31.jpg (45846 bytes) 08-26-00a-32.jpg (55151 bytes) 08-26-00a-33.jpg (43752 bytes)

08-26-00a-34.jpg (36462 bytes)
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