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Hornets v McKinney G.P.S. - January 16, 1999 - Roll 1
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I just can't seem to get the Hornets to smile anymore.
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This looks a little bit like Central Expressway.
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Not terribly flattering, but here is my first photo of new Hornet star Sarah. (This gal can play.)
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Here are a couple more shots of Sarah.
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Here is our other new Hornet Katherine. (Boy howdy, did the Hornets ever get lucky this season.)
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Funny thing about our two new Hornets; they actually kinda look alike. Sorta like Logan and Brooke. (Katherine in #1 and Sarah is #34.)
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Now this is a nice shot. I got many shots of Laura today. She had an awesome game. She reminds me of the former Cowboy Bill Bates. It it full blast all of the time.
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And here is Laura's goal. (She had a remarkable game. Amazing how every week it seems like somebody really steps up and excels.) If Beth is watching, the second photo demonstrates why I need to spend the $10,000 and buy a Nikon F5 and the comparable 300mm autofocus lens. I am just not fast enough to get these shots focusing manually.
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Brooke says "Nice job Laura, looks like us Parish Day kids need to win the game today." (Although, the assist came from Sarah J.)
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Beth has had the hardest time getting the girls to do what Sarah did in the second photo: Go after the ball all the way until it is in the goalie's hands.
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