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So Doug got a little sexy with these photos. For the first time ever, I "pushed" the film. In a nutshell, even though I was using 800 speed film, I told my camera that I was using 3200 speed film. I "pushed" the film 2 stops. The bad part is "pushing" means you tell the photo processor to keep the negatives in the chemicals longer to bring out more light. That gets somewhat expensive since "pushing" costs extra and you have to take the film to a professional lab. So the cost is much, much more. So much more that I only had them process the negatives. I did not get a copy of prints. I had to scan the negatives instead of prints. This allowed me to use a faster shutter speed in an attempt to better freeze the action. However, the overall quality goes down. Or, decide for yourself.

I recently rescanned these photos using different software for the scanner. (10/01/00)
09-24-00b-03v.jpg (38425 bytes)
09-24-00b-03.jpg (52274 bytes)  

09-24-00b-04v.jpg (34936 bytes) 09-24-00b-05v.jpg (28392 bytes)

09-24-00b-06v.jpg (23906 bytes) 09-24-00b-07v.jpg (41381 bytes) 09-24-00b-09v.jpg (33804 bytes)

09-24-00b-10v.jpg (26425 bytes) 09-24-00b-11v.jpg (25129 bytes) 09-24-00b-12v.jpg (37765 bytes)

09-24-00b-13v.jpg (42267 bytes) 09-24-00b-18v.jpg (22761 bytes) 09-24-00b-19v.jpg (27333 bytes) 

Looks like Paige scores here.
09-24-00b-20v.jpg (30218 bytes) 09-24-00b-21v.jpg (24206 bytes) 09-24-00b-22v.jpg (21747 bytes)

09-24-00b-23v.jpg (18876 bytes) 09-24-00b-25v.jpg (25863 bytes) 

And maybe again.
09-24-00b-26v.jpg (23906 bytes) 09-24-00b-27v.jpg (19744 bytes) 

09-24-00b-28v.jpg (37126 bytes) 09-24-00b-30v.jpg (26654 bytes)

09-24-00b-31v.jpg (14968 bytes) 09-24-00b-32v.jpg (23902 bytes) 09-24-00b-33v.jpg (28652 bytes)

09-24-00b-34v.jpg (24687 bytes) 09-24-00b-35v.jpg (22203 bytes) 09-24-00b-36v.jpg (26613 bytes)
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