91's First Day of Tryouts
July 1, 2001
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Soccer Babes on the sidelines. (Hey, that is better than soccer moms, isn't it?)
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Happiness is a goalie on the first day of tryouts!
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Manager Brian, in Hawaii, checks in with Allen via the cell phone. (Allen sits facing the soccer babes rather than the field. I usually try to look less obvious.)
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Kelsie is all smiles as the goalie for the kewelest team on the planet.
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Now Allen has moved right into my seat.
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My first team photos. (Doubt these girls truly realize how often these requests for photos will occur in the future.)
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Ain't they cute! Ain't they cute! (When you take as many photos as I do you will, every once in a while, really get a nice one. This is a nice one.)
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Don't know if you notice this just from the photos. Allegra dashed a long way to be included in these shots. There is tremendous enthusiasm on this team. A terrific group of kids.  
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There is no shortage of personality on this team.
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Lesia poses with Coach Philip and the cherished contract.
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This says mom and dad have to pay no matter how much we play.
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Father Philip reads from the good book.
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Coach Philip explains that he will be responsible for all wins and Lisa will be responsible for all loses.
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After tryouts it was off to Cantina Laredo for Margaritas. 
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Just can't tell you all how thrilled we are to be a part of this team. What a terrific group of players and coaches.
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