91's Pool Party
July 7, 2001
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Now this was a scene that really caught my eye. It is a demonstration of the proper technique for watching your daughter practice soccer in the hot Texas heat. You sit on a chair and have your wife stand next to you holding an umbrella to shelter you from the sunlight. (At least until the photographer shows up.) Beth, did you see this photo?
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Here are a few shots taken after practice. This was my first opportunity to get a photo of the entire team.
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After practice it was off to the Feltman's for a party. (Many thanks to Arlene and Allen for their wonderful hospitality.)
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Hi, I'm Steve Jarvie, Andromeda Rush chairman.
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Allen applies a squeeze grip.
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Brian demonstrates a wresting move with Rachel.
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Time to introduce all the players.
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Jennifer won the award for Miss Congeniality.
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This demonstrates a major weakness with my current digital camera. It takes a long time to refresh between shots. I missed some nice ones as the girls were introduced.
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Yes, I was indeed at the party.
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