Andromeda 91 Impromptu Slumber Party July 29, 2001
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I know that Lesia had invited Emily to spend the night with her after practice Sunday night. Next thing I knew Megan, Kelsy, and Lindsay were also at the house. I suspect it is only going to get worse. (Advice to All Andromeda 91 players: Since Beth and I never plan anything it might be a good idea to keep a change of clothing and a sleeping bag in your parents' cars at all times. I smell a major team slumber party coming up. Just don't expect a formal invitation days in advance.)
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Now isn't that a lovely photo.
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First one in Beth's chair was Emily.
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Oh my gosh! Look what's behind the chair. Apparently these little angels were ready to go to work also!!!!!!!!
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Relax Philip, they're eating yogurt bars.
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They all went to bed at a very reasonable hour, unlike some of their teammates. Yes, it appears that during the night we were hit by the infamous Andromeda Munchkins.
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