Edmond Soccer Club
Beat the Heat Tournament
August 18-19, 2001

Andromeda 91 won four games taking them to the final game. They lost in the finals against a very good team from the host club. It was a fabulous weekend. Thank you girls. Thank you also to the many parents who helped with organizing the tournament, Scott's family for graciously hosting the entire team on Saturday night, and thank you to our hosts the Edmond Soccer Club for putting on a fabulous tournament. And many, many thanks to Coaches Philip and Lisa who are truly teaching our children how to play.

91 Andromeda v Tulsa Nationals
2-0. This was a 7:00am game that had featured a 5:45am wake-up call at the hotel. Update: Here is a link to the 91 Tulsa Nationals website http://www.eteamz.com/nationals91girls/

91 Andromeda v MYSA Genesis
3-1. I remember very little about this game other than I lost a roll of film that I had shot. I'll get over this loss in about a year.

91 Andromeda v NOKC Legends
Remember Bill Murray's movie reviews on Saturday Night Live? I was not at this game so my photos really stink. Sorry. Me no feel good.

91 Andromeda v Tulsa Blitz United 
2-1. Thrilling overtime victory. The winning goal came early in OT on a goal off a corner kick.

91 Andromeda v ESC Premier
Lost in the finals 5-0. 

Post-Tournament Awards Presentation

Best photo of the weekend?
I took Matt and Alex to dinner at Hooters on Friday night. I posted this photo on the internet newsgroup rec.photo.equipment.35mm. The point of my post was you should always have a camera with you in case a great photo opportunity presents itself. It received numerous follow-up responses mostly dealing with the redeye problems of the Nikon Coolpix 990. When I get my other shots developed perhaps I will have a better photo. The remaining photos on this page are the few shots taken with my digital camera this weekend.

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