D'Feeters 2000-2001 Annual Banquet - April 1, 2001 - Page 1
I received a gracious invitation to attend the D'Feeters annual banquet from L.P. Jones, manager of the 89 D'Feeters' team. Far be it from me to miss such a great photo op. (And a free dinner, too.) Thank you, L.P.

Just in case anybody is interested, I was using a Nikon Coolpix 990 digiial camera. I had it attached to the accompanying Nikon flash bracket that was holding a Nikon SB-28 flash. The flash that is built into the camera is somewhat weak, albeit accurate, and takes a relatively long time to refresh. My experience using this setup is that I will occasionally get shots that are overexposed. However, given the relatively dim light of the banquet hall the setup worked quite well. These files have also been heavily compressed so that they will load quicker on your browsers. The loss of quality due to the compressing has not been too great, in my opinion The originals are about 300k in size. These were compressed down to about 75 to 105k. 
DSCN1747.JPG (89749 bytes) DSCN1748.JPG (100556 bytes) 

These next few shots feature the 89's and Coach Anatoly Dmitriakov.
DSCN1749.JPG (107315 bytes) DSCN1750.JPG (105861 bytes)  

The flash did not fire in these two shots.
DSCN1751.JPG (79583 bytes)
DSCN1752.JPG (78767 bytes)  

DSCN1753.JPG (89028 bytes) 

I think Anatoly needs to stick to coaching.
DSCN1754.JPG (82871 bytes) DSCN1755.JPG (74904 bytes)

DSCN1756.JPG (69045 bytes) DSCN1757.JPG (84870 bytes) DSCN1758.JPG (110083 bytes)

DSCN1759.JPG (100479 bytes) DSCN1760.JPG (95397 bytes) DSCN1761.JPG (87853 bytes)

Boy howdy, this team sure does clean up good.
DSCN1762.JPG (132445 bytes)

These are the 90's.
DSCN1763.JPG (115754 bytes) 

DSCN1764.JPG (109839 bytes) DSCN1765.JPG (74758 bytes) DSCN1766.JPG (105999 bytes)

DSCN1768.JPG (90254 bytes)

This is my favorite shot of the night.
DSCN1769.JPG (104952 bytes)

DSCN1770.JPG (93438 bytes)  

Oh my. Nice shot, Doug.
DSCN1771.JPG (88848 bytes)  

DSCN1772.JPG (101333 bytes) DSCN1773.JPG (73160 bytes) DSCN1774.JPG (77774 bytes) DSCN1775.JPG (112843 bytes) DSCN1776.JPG (112048 bytes) DSCN1777.JPG (91576 bytes)
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