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These first shots were taken with my new digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 990. (I need to figure out how to adjust the flash for redeye.) The action photos were taken with my 20-year old Nikon F3 and will be posted in several days.)

Anatoly is quite photogenic.
DSCN0241.JPG (71856 bytes)  

Carla and Brittany are photogenic. They are also very cute.
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DSCN0253.JPG (84366 bytes)  

Looks like I need to get either a shorter camera or a taller .........
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On to the photos from the game. (Boy, has Lisa ever been patient.)
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01-11-01a-04.jpg (44909 bytes) 01-11-01a-05.jpg (23284 bytes) 01-11-01a-06.jpg (22877 bytes)

I think Kelley has the score and smile for the photographer routine down better than any of the other players. Too cool!
01-11-01a-07.jpg (27765 bytes)
01-11-01a-08.jpg (23491 bytes)

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