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Those of us at this game were treated to a very exciting contest. Greenhill made some big plays tonight. I recall a great recovery from a bad snap on a punt, a long run for a touchdown, a great defensive stand at the end of the first half that resulted in a Holland Hall missed field goal. Then, in the fourth quarter Holland Hall was clearly on the move scoring a touchdown the old fashioned way of just grinding it out on the ground. Things were looking grim for the Hornets after Holland Hall got the score to 10-7 and then was on the move to score again. But, the Hornets then had a HUGE interception. The offense then made a couple great plays including a long pass and a long run to chew up the clock. The ball was down to the Holland Hall 4 yard line when Greenhill took a knee to end the game. It was thrilling. Many thanks to the players for some great entertainment tonight. Oh yeah, it was homecoming, too.
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I like this photo.
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