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I was not able to show up until late in the first quarter as my daughter had a 5:00 pm soccer game. I guess I did not miss much as the score was 0-0.
09-06-03-007.JPG (171069 bytes) 09-06-03-008.JPG (153443 bytes) 09-06-03-011.JPG (128750 bytes)

09-06-03-012.JPG (158296 bytes) 09-06-03-013.JPG (170979 bytes) 09-06-03-015.JPG (157485 bytes)

You know, I really did not expect James' mother to give me $5,000. What a nice surprise!!!!!!!
09-06-03-026.JPG (154450 bytes)
09-06-03-027.JPG (160830 bytes) 09-06-03-035.JPG (161689 bytes)

Start of the second quarter.
09-06-03-038.JPG (149849 bytes)

09-06-03-044.JPG (117645 bytes) 09-06-03-055.JPG (163346 bytes) 09-06-03-057.JPG (141641 bytes)

09-06-03-062.JPG (153046 bytes) 09-06-03-065.JPG (158565 bytes) 09-06-03-070.JPG (148121 bytes)

My recollection has the down being 3rd and 17.
09-06-03-075.JPG (146107 bytes)
09-06-03-076.JPG (152477 bytes) 09-06-03-077.JPG (133541 bytes)

09-06-03-080.JPG (153498 bytes) 09-06-03-081.JPG (154006 bytes) 09-06-03-083.JPG (132707 bytes)

So, after the missed PAT it is 6-0.
09-06-03-086.JPG (160310 bytes)
09-06-03-093.JPG (161751 bytes) 09-06-03-094.JPG (173037 bytes)

09-06-03-098.JPG (183556 bytes) 09-06-03-102.JPG (127816 bytes) 09-06-03-109.JPG (152980 bytes)

09-06-03-111.JPG (162259 bytes) 09-06-03-115.JPG (153039 bytes) 09-06-03-118.JPG (147290 bytes)

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