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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Doug showed up at the game with an electronic flash on top of his camera for the first time at a night time event. I spent much of the week getting advice from professional photographers on the internet. I like the results, although I did get plenty of blown shots.

I arrived just a little bit late. Just in time to get a shot of the back of this Cassidy player running an interception into the end zone.
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Oct-10-03-009.JPG (120030 bytes)

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What do we have here? Appears another Greenhill dad has purchased a new digital toy.
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Oct-10-03-017.JPG (112575 bytes) Oct-10-03-019.JPG (108112 bytes) 

So, why was it so much work for me to figure out how to use the flash. Because this was the look I was trying to achieve.
Oct-10-03-020.JPG (118469 bytes)
Notice the players standing in the background. The flash is not providing the light needed to illuminate those players. So, I am using the flash to simply allow me to slightly reduce my "film speed" and also increase my shutter speed while still keeping the background light. So, I am only using the flash to slightly brighten the players. (The flash is set to 1/16 its normal power.)

Oct-10-03-021.JPG (105637 bytes) Oct-10-03-022.JPG (123737 bytes) Oct-10-03-027.JPG (123688 bytes)

Well, it ain't perfect. Shots at the wide end of my zoom lens are all over-exposed. I will have to work out that wrinkle.
Oct-10-03-032.JPG (101175 bytes)

The flash really gives me much nicer shots while standing in the end zone. It is particularly dark at both ends of the field.
Oct-10-03-033.JPG (109667 bytes)
Oct-10-03-034.JPG (118184 bytes) Oct-10-03-035.JPG (124523 bytes)

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If I am not mistaken, Brandon scored a touchdown every time I took a photo from the end zone when Greenhill had the ball. (3 times.)

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Oct-10-03-044.JPG (109417 bytes) Oct-10-03-054.JPG (111223 bytes) Oct-10-03-055.JPG (108985 bytes)

So, without the flash I had my film speed set at 3200 and the shutter speed about 1/125 second. With the flash I have the film speed set at 1600 and the shutter speed set to 1/180. The extra speed on the shutter makes a big difference. (Although it is still too slow to really get good football shots. But that is also a limitation of my camera. That is simply the fastest it will synch with a flash. The higher model digital cameras will sync at about 1/400th with a flash. Maybe next year.)

Let me guess here. Is the girl in the middle related to the woman in the background. The expressions sure appear to be similar.
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Oct-10-03-067.JPG (103427 bytes) Oct-10-03-069.JPG (119133 bytes) Oct-10-03-070.JPG (128923 bytes)

Good news and bad news. Brandon intercepted the pass but then fumbled at the end of the run.
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