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Well, I guess I learned 3 things about photography in this particular gym. 1. The light is pretty bad so I had to use a very high equivalent film speed. (These shots were taken with a digital camera.)
09-10-03-003.JPG (154036 bytes)
09-10-03-004.JPG (163011 bytes)

The second thing I learned was the photos look much better with the brown bleachers in the background rather than the grey divider.
09-10-03-013.JPG (102426 bytes)
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09-10-03-055.JPG (107739 bytes) 09-10-03-056.JPG (110843 bytes) 09-10-03-057.JPG (66791 bytes)

09-10-03-058.JPG (79075 bytes) 09-10-03-063.JPG (107027 bytes) 09-10-03-064.JPG (99576 bytes)

3. Most players were right handed. Therefore, I should have been on their left side when taking photos of players serving.
09-10-03-065.JPG (107368 bytes)
09-10-03-066.JPG (84617 bytes) 09-10-03-067.JPG (103959 bytes)

09-10-03-068.JPG (70314 bytes) 09-10-03-071.JPG (79961 bytes) 09-10-03-074.JPG (85423 bytes)

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