U-14 Lady Aces - Tournament in Plano, TX   May 03, 2003 
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Well, we had a slight mishap here. The lighting at the Plano Star Center is actually pretty good from a brightness standpoint. (I won't go into all of the glare issues.) So, I had my digital camera computer set to aperture priority at F4 with the ISA set to 1600 speed film replication. That resulted in the computer camera selecting a shutter speed of about 1/320 second to 1/400 second. That is outstanding for indoor sports. Problem was somehow a dial got switched on my camera computer and it took all shots of the next two games at F4 and a shutter speed of 1/800. Hence, all of the shots were horribly underexposed and hence the beauty of Adobe Photoshop as it was able to go into the dark photos and salvage some images.
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And, to the U-14 players, any of you going to Shepton in the fall please try to make my son Alex welcome as he will be attending a new school for the first time since pre-school. (He has been going to school with the same 80 kids for 10 years. Welcome to the real world, Alex.)

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