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U-15 v Summit 2004-01-24


U-12's Plano 05-03-03 e

U-14's Plano 05-03-03 d

U-12's Plano 05-03-03 c

U-14's Plano 05-03-03 b

U-12's Plano 05-03-03 a

U-12's Austin 04-11-03

U-14 Austin 04-11-03

Check out these photos. 

U-14 at Greenhill 03-16-03

U-14 at Greenhill 03-15-03

U-14 v Summit 03-01-03

Tournament at Haltom High School:
February 16, 2003
February 15, 2003

Tournament at the Summit Complex January 26, 2003

Tournament at Greenhill School January 18, 2003

Addison Tournament December 21, 2002

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05-03-03-242.JPG (125425 bytes)
May 16, 2003. Well, this was one of my more embarrassing moments. I ran into Kathleen Nash's father at the Plano Star Center. (I recognized him immediately.) We reminisced about the old Sting 89 days when I cut my teeth with my new photo hobby photographing that soccer team. Then, I asked him what volleyball team Kathleen played for since that must have been why he was there. I then had to pull down my socks so that I could see over them. It never occurred to me that the U-14 Lady Aces' Kathleen was the same person as the Sting 89 Kathleen. DAHHHHHHHHHH! (Old age is creeping up on me.)

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