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Well, I don't need much of an excuse to get out and take some photos. Here is Richardson Pearce High School Basketball. The opponent is Allen high school. (Well, make that a little bit of an excuse, but not much.)
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Dec-06-2003-112.JPG (91987 bytes) Dec-06-2003-114.JPG (48878 bytes) Dec-06-2003-137.JPG (61358 bytes)

Dec-06-2003-143.JPG (42706 bytes) Dec-06-2003-144.JPG (60134 bytes) Dec-06-2003-153.JPG (46953 bytes)

Dec-06-2003-161.JPG (68501 bytes) Dec-06-2003-164.JPG (79577 bytes) Dec-06-2003-165.JPG (92017 bytes)

Dec-06-2003-167.JPG (52673 bytes) Dec-06-2003-170.JPG (50076 bytes) Dec-06-2003-173.JPG (57369 bytes)

Dec-06-2003-184.JPG (50089 bytes) Dec-06-2003-186.JPG (49966 bytes) Dec-06-2003-339.JPG (50954 bytes)

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