Here are the rest of my photos from this game

So, here we see the InterWhite player heading for the goal. The keeper comes out. Inter player takes a shot which is bobbled by the keeper.
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Now, this is the photo that seals the deal for me. If an InterWhite player can be off-sides while kicking the ball with a defender standing behind the ball, please let me know.  #6 of InterWhite may have been off-sides prior to the defender getting behind the ball. So, if #6 was off sides previously in the play, can she fix her position or is she off for the remainder of the play?

So, I think the issue breaks down this way. #6 was off sides when her teammate took the shot. So, what does she need to do to correct her status of being off sides? 
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#6 takes the shot and puts it in the goal. Was she off sides prior to kicking the ball?
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These shots were taken after the game. Even if the refs had blown the call I think it would have been proper for a coach to get an explanation.
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I just love the threatening look of this photo.
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