91 Texans-West v Sting  Saturday April 19, 2003      First Half
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Well, this had been a pretty disappointing weekend losing to both Longhorns and Tulsa Soccer Club 1-0. Beating Sting 2-0 made life better. Her is the first goal from a PK.
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#7 is Lesia's former Andromeda teammate Ryanne.
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Here Ryanne fakes a leg injury.
04-19-03-b-037.JPG (111061 bytes)
04-19-03-b-038.JPG (93079 bytes) 

04-19-03-b-039.JPG (104949 bytes)
Ok, so maybe she was not faking it.

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04-19-03-b-060.JPG (120748 bytes) 

#3 is Lesia's classmate Andrea.
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04-19-03-b-077.JPG (137836 bytes) 

Grrrrr. (Logan is another classmate of Lesia's.)
04-19-03-b-081.JPG (119158 bytes)

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Here is the second W.West goal. Lesia placed the free kick nicely.
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This is known as the "I just scored a goal against Sting" smile.
04-19-03-b-127.JPG (108662 bytes)

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